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COWBOY MAGIC® was started by founder and president Jim Cummings in 1995, who decided to reformulate the very best and most expensive human hair care detangler for equine use. “I marketed it to horse owners as an affordable product they could use on both their horses and their own hair,” says Jim.
From the success of the first product, DETANGLER & SHINE™, grew the COWBOY MAGIC® line of quality concentrated grooming products, which can be used on both horses and humans: ROSEWATER SHAMPOO, ROSEWATER CONDITIONER, SUPER BODYSHINE®, GREENSPOT REMOVER® and SHINE IN YELLOWOUT™ .
All COWBOY MAGIC® products are manufactured under FDA cosmetic guidelines. As a result, manufacturing standards are higher than those required for products manufactured for animal use only. That truly makes a difference!   
In the Netherlands, Derk Gerlof de Jonge has become an independent distributor of COWBOY MAGIC® products. He grew up in a family of horselovers. Since 1996, he is the proud owner of a riding school called 'Harender Molen'. During one of his visits to the United States, De Jonge became familiar with the remarkable products manufactured by Cummings Group, Inc. On his return he was determined to spread 'the magic'. COWBOY MAGIC® EUROPE is an independent distributor of COWBOY MAGIC® products in Europe operated by Oakley Horseboxes Benelux B.V. as an independent licensee of Straight Arrow Products Inc.

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