About Cowboy Magic®

The Humble Beginnings of Cowboy Magic®

Cowboy Magic® is a success story of a company that was built on a simple but innovative idea. The company began in the early 1990s when horse enthusiast Jim Cummings decided to create a detangler that would work well on his horses' manes and tails. He was dissatisfied with existing products, which often left a greasy residue, made the mane and tail sticky, or were simply ineffective.

Discovery of the Perfect Blend

Jim began experimenting with different formulas until he discovered the perfect blend of natural ingredients. The resulting product was so effective that Jim's friends and fellow equestrians began asking him if they could buy some. Realizing that he had something special, Jim decided to start a company.

The Launch of Cowboy Magic®

In 1993, Cowboy Magic® was launched, and Jim started selling his detangler at horse shows and tack shops in the Pacific Northwest. From the beginning, Cowboy Magic®'s detangler was enthusiastically received by horse owners and show competitors. They loved that it worked quickly, was easy to use, and left no greasy residue. The detangler's effectiveness and quality were unmatched by anything else on the market.

Expanding the Magic - The Cowboy Magic® Product Line

As Cowboy Magic®'s reputation grew, the company began expanding its product line. They developed additional grooming products such as shampoos, conditioners, and finishing sprays, all designed to meet the needs of horses and their owners. Each product was developed with the same attention to quality and effectiveness as the detangler, ensuring that customers would be satisfied with all their purchases.

Cowboy Magic® - A Leading Brand in Equine Industry

Today, Cowboy Magic® has become a leading brand in the equine industry, with its products sold in tack shops and feed stores across the United States and internationally. The company is committed to providing horse owners with innovative and high-quality grooming products that are safe for their horses and recyclable to protect the environment.


Cowboy Magic®'s Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

The success of Cowboy Magic® can be attributed to the company's focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The company has always listened to its customers' needs and worked continuously to develop products that meet those needs. Cowboy Magic® has also maintained a commitment to environmental sustainability by using recyclable packaging and all-natural ingredients.


The Inspirational Journey of Cowboy Magic®

Cowboy Magic®'s story is a true inspiration, showing that even a small business can grow into a successful enterprise through innovation and hard work. The company's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is a testament to its founder's vision. Today, Cowboy Magic® is a well-respected brand and a favorite among horse owners all around the world.