Cowboy Magic®

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Our best-sellers for horses and pets in largest sizes.

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Cowboy Magic®

  • Detangler & Shine 946 mL (€ 72,45)

Detangler & Shine detangles all types of hair knots, tangles and dreadlocks instantly, no matter how difficult hair is to manage. The silk protein in Cowboy Magic® Detangler and Shine results in a high reflecting shine after brushing. Concentrated formula, a little goes a long way!

  • Rosewater Shampoo 3785 mL (€ 57,45)
Concentrated Rosewater Shampoo with Silk Conditioners is easy to use and is formulated to: Gently dissolve dirt and clean hair | Condition the hair and skin | It is easy to rinse | To be used full strength or diluted up to 20 to 1.
  • Rosewater Conditioner 3785 mL (€ 54,95)

Concentrated Rosewater Conditioner is a unique innovation. Hair neutralization and clarification has been a human hair salon service for a long time. It’s use results in healthy looking hair.

  • Shine In Yellowout™ Shampoo 946 mL (€ 18,45)

Neutralizes yellow stains and brightens hair of all colors: Black, White, Chestnut, Bay Brown, Roan, Palomino, Paint.

  • CowGirl Magic Ultra Hydrating Cream (€ 9,95)

Spoil yourself after a hard day's work in the salon :) This age defying moisturizer new to the Cowboy Magic line of products adds a cowgirl's touch. Rejuvenate hands, neck & face with a mildly aromatic silk infused cream designed just for a cowgirl like you.